Terms of Use

Welcome to MOON C - HABAHA PARIS, a distinguished provider of costume jewelry exclusively for professionals in the industry. The following terms of use are designed to ensure a seamless and professional experience for all our esteemed clients.

Rule No. 1: Professional Eligibility

To engage in transactions with us, it is imperative that you qualify as a professional entity. This requires providing valid business credentials such as a SIRET number, a VAT number, or a proof of business registration. These credentials are essential to verify the professional status of our clientele, thereby maintaining the integrity and exclusivity of our service.

Rule No. 2: Account Opening and Minimum Orders

For the initiation of a new account, we mandate a minimum initial order of €200 (excluding VAT). This threshold is pivotal for the establishment of a professional account with us. For subsequent restocks, a minimum order value of €100 (excluding VAT) is required. These stipulations are put in place to foster a productive and sustainable business relationship.

Rule No. 3: Account Validation and Confirmation

For existing clients, we will automatically validate your account, and you will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge this. New clients must agree to these terms by selecting "Create your professional account" during the signup process. By doing so, you accept these conditions and affirm your commitment to adhere to the operational standards of MOON C REDSUN.

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional service experience, and we appreciate your compliance with these conditions, which help us maintain high standards of quality and service for all our clien